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How does wetsuit thickness work?

Wetsuits generally work as below, there are some such as Rip Curl, who as a 5/3 will have 5 over the core and legs and 3 on the shoulders and arms. 5/4 5mm on the core and 4 elsewhere (Winter Suit) 4/3 4mm on the core on 3 elsewhere (Year-round suit) 3/2 3mm on the core and 2 elsewhere (Spring / Summer suit)

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How do I choose a wetsuit?

Choosing the right wetsuit for you really depends on how you plan to use it. There are various options available such as summer and winter wetsuits, GBS or liquid seams, you can choose a wetsuit with thermal lining for extra warmth or something more specialised for sports such as diving or open water swimming. Remember to research the type of wetsuit you need for its purpose, and of course if you need any help or advice, please use our contact form and we will be in touch!

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How does a wetsuit work?

Let’s take a look: wetsuits capture a small layer of water in between you and the neoprene. The whole body quickly warms up this water which retains your heat when you dip into cold water. It is important your wetsuit fits snug with no loose-fitting areas as this will cancel out the warm layer of water around your body by constantly letting in cold water.

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