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If you have never heard of a skimboard- behold! It is the most FUN of all boards and today we are going to teach you some basics, that you will love! Check out our range of Osprey skimmer boards for sale online and in store here.

How to use a skimboard:

First,  pick a suitable beach- watch for the one with either very little slope (for sand skimming) or very powerful shore break and steep slope (for wave skimming). Then follow these great step-by-step instructions. Start with a warm up basics:

Then learn a few cool tricks:

How to shop a skimboard:

You will need different types of boards for sand skimming and wave skimming. Smaller, flatter, boards  are designed more so for sand skimming (sideways along the shore, where it’s flat), whereas the newer high-tech foam/carbon fiber boards are shaped for reaching waves. Wax: There are many types of wax (tropical for warm waters, cold for cold locations, etc.). If in a cold location, use tropical or warm water wax for base coat. Then cold water wax for top coat.)

Got that? Now check out our range of Osprey Skimmer Boards for sale online and in store here. And get skimming! Perfect beach activity whatever the age!