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Wearing a wetsuit for prolonged periods of time can leave a negative effect on your skin, no matter how comfortable your suit is they can be prone to rubbing and leading to skin irritation. Some people are more affected by this than others and yet putting on a rash vest can really help minimize red and sore skin caused by chaffing wetsuits.

Osprey rash vests are produced from a mix of spandex and polyester, creating a tight-fitting layer between the body and wetsuit to give the maximum protective cover. Similar to wetsuits rash vests should be close fitting to prevent them riding up inside the wetsuit suit and adding to the abrasion on the skin.

In cold waters a rash vest can be worn underneath a wetsuit to provide an additional layer of insulation at the same time in warmer conditions it is usually worn as a cooler replacement for a wetsuit.

Rash vests can also used with modest swimwear and as additional top coverage. The short sleeve designs provide more freedom of movement, while the long sleeve designs provide additional support and protection. Most rash vests are equivalent to SF50 protection, but when you are buying a short sleeve style, do  not forget to apply strong sun protection cream on the rest of your arms.

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