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What is  a Rash Vest?

Rash Vests are a slim fitting t-shirt usually made from a mixture of Polyester & Spandex and come in both short & long sleeve versions

Some have a roll neck to protect from wetsuit chaffing and some are thermal lined to give you extra warmth during the winter months!

Regular and long term wearing of a wetsuit can cause skin chaffing with some people affected a lot more than others.

Rash vests help chaffing by creating a tight-fitting layer between the body and wetsuit to give the maximum protective cover. Similar to wetsuits rash vests should be close fitting to prevent them riding up inside the wetsuit suit.

They are also a great piece of kit used as an added layer to keep you warm. In cold waters a rash vest can be worn underneath a wetsuit to provide an additional layer of insulation (check out the thermal vests). And at the same time in warmer conditions it is usually worn as sun protection and a cooler replacement for a wetsuit.

They provide UV protection and protect your skin from cuts or scrapes as you spend all day in the water!