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Osprey Wetsuits

It is important to have a well fitting wetsuit. The suit should fit like a second skin. Comfortable, but form-fitting. Exactly what you get with our Osprey wetsuits. If the suit is too large, there will be loose folds of rubber in the middle and/or bottom or crotch area. If a bigger size is required, it will be most evident in the vertical fit of the torso-from the shoulders to the crotch. There will be uncomfortable tightness pulling down on the shoulders and up in the crotch area. Check out our great selection of Osprey wetsuits for sale online and in store. We provide detailed sizing information, allowing you to select the correct size for your child.

How do Osprey Wetsuits work?

Technically, wetsuits work like this. As the wearer goes into the water, the wetsuit fills with a small amount of water. This initial ‘fill up’ gets trapped in the wetsuit and is warmed by the body. As the wearer moves about – instead of constantly meeting new cold water, the body warmed water stays in place, allowing the wearer to stay warm for longer. Obviously, the better the wetsuit fit, the better the warmed water stays in place, and the longer the wearer can stay comfortable.

As well as keeping the wearer warm in water, wetsuit have other benefits. The neoprene of the suit has a slight buoyancy, which can aid the confidence of a novice in the water, and the suit provides wind and UV protection both in and out of the water. They also offer some general protection too, for example from jellyfish.

How to shop for Osprey Wetsuits?

Choosing a wetsuit can be mystifying. There is a lot of technical jargon around, and very little information as to what makes a ‘good wetsuit’ and what makes a ‘cheap wetsuit’. The answer is simple. The better the potential fit, the better quality the wetsuit. The best quality Osprey wetsuits are made with the stretchiest neoprenes, and have multiple panels in them for the best cut. They use expensive materials, and involve more labour. Also, flatlocked seams are flush against the body, again for fit and comfort, and these are more expensive to manufacture.

But unlike adults, children are in and out of the water many times. They will play in the water, and then come out onto the beach. They need something to keep them warm between the two, keep the wind chill off and provide UV protection. Technical fit becomes less important, comfort and freedom of movement more important (which is why we only offer shorty style wetsuits and not full body with long sleeves and legs).

In our opinion, our Osprey wetsuits are the best balance available for technical performance, practicality and price. All our wetsuits are quality, value for money products; we do not sell any of the cheap, inferior wetsuits commonly available in resorts. As parents, we understand how quickly children grow, and that what is required is something which can really enhance their water and seaside experience, but is ultimately affordable (and tough enough to be handed down!).

Since holiday time always seems brief, and you need to maximise your enjoyment and play-time whilst you are away, we strongly recommend that you take time to choose and get your children’s beach wear sorted out before you travel – by buying Osprey wetsuits from us!

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