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The Alder Polar Coat outdoor change robe

The Alder Polar Coat outdoor change robe
Construction 100% Waterproof and windproof outer fabric with synthetic Sherpa fleece lining

The all new Alder Polar Coat is an absolute must-have for anyone needing to stay dry and toasty warm when participating in any form of outdoor sport.
The Polar Coat is perfect for those early morning surf checks and essential for changing out of your wetsuit after a winter surf. Designed so that you can get in or out of your wetsuit while wearing your Polar Coat, keeping you warm and preserving your modesty at the same time.
“I use my Polar Coat every time I surf; I get back to the car immediately don my Polar Coat, chuck my board in the back of the car and drive the short distance home. After mountain biking in the winter I do the same, put on my Polar Coat, load the bike and drive home toasty warm.”

Large Suitable for 5ft 1 to 6ft 3.

Medium Suitable for kids age 8-15 and small adults up to 5’2″ approx. 

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