Bestway Kondor Elite 2000 Raft


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  • This inflatable raft is a blast for teens and adults. Perfect for aquatic adventures at the beach, lake or pool, your kids will have hours of fun playing with this inflatable boat.
  • From sturdy oarlocks to heavy-duty handles, with durable materials and added extra layer of protection with its dual air chamber construction. Deflation is easy with the interlocking quick release valve
  • This raft is super easy to inflate meaning you can spend less time on set up and more family time
  • The addition of the inflatable floor is perfectly cushioned for added relaxation, wraparound grab rope with built-in grommets
  • Contents: 1 boat, repair patch – product dimensions: 1.96m x 1.06m / 6.5’” x 42” (oars not included) Fits 1 person, weight capacity: 120kg

The Bestway® Kondor Elite™ 2000 is an inflatable raft that’s a blast for families that want to explore the water together! Perfect for one child and one adult, it’s easy to inflate so you can spend less time on setup and more time on the water. The junior raft features a comfortable, inflatable floor that’s perfectly cushioned for added relaxation.

The Kondor Elite 2000 also features an added layer of protection with its dual air chamber construction. The handle attached to the front of the raft ensures convenient transport around the lake or pool. Plus, oar clasps are built into the sides of the raft and will help keep oars (not included) in place and a wraparound grab rope with built‑in grommets allows you to dock the raft or link up with friends. From paddling to fishing to just floating along, this raft promises a summer to remember. Easy to use and easy to transport, the Kondor Elite 2000 Raft is a no‑brainer for your next day out on the water!

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