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Fully portable the Powerstroke cord can be attached to door handles, posts or any fixtures that isn’t going to move during exercise.

This Surf training Tool “The Powerstroke bungee cord” is a resistance training tool for improving all upper body strength for surfing.

If used regularly it will improve all the major muscles involved in paddling for surfing. The powerstroke bungee will also improve your aerobic surfing fitness and major muscles for surfing paddle power;

  • Latissimus dorsi – major muscles along side the back
  • Trapezius – muscles that help support the head above the shoulder blades
  • Triceps – back of the arms

“Powerstroke bungee” comes with 2 inter changeable 3m bungee cords with 2x handles the cord can be attached almost any where for a surfing work out!

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