Osprey 2mm Protective Wetsuit Hood- Peaked

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Osprey 2mm Wetsuit Hood

Surfing in cold waters can cause the same level of brain freeze you get from biting into a frozen fish finger. Irritation from cold winds and waters can also cause surfers ear, a condition that can lead to abnormal bone growth and gruelling infections.
Eradicating such doomsday scenarios, Osprey has produced this awesome Wetsuit Hood which provides phenomenal protection. As well as offering superb comfort the durable neoprene used to produce the surfing hood retains flexibility and amazing warmth in the water. This little beauty is perfect for those cold winter days.
To further enhance comfort the neoprene hood is designed to be as lightweight as possible. The stiff peak on the surf head warmer also provides amazing protection from cold winds and prevents water from running onto the face. Wind Resistant Mesh Panelling also helps to stop cold winds causing discomfort whilst surfing. It also offers great protection from the sun and helps to reduce the risk of sunburn. The inclusion of a Lycra Neck Stay ensures that the hood is as watertight as possible and prevents irritations from occurring.
Surfers looking to prevent ear abnormalities and keep their head warm in cold waters should definitely put this piece of surf gear at the top of their agenda; it’s also a good way to stop your earplugs from getting knocked out of your ears by the pounding surf. Adding a sweet little style touch, the Osprey logo has been printed on the side of the Wetsuit Hood.


  • Made from 2mm Super Stretch neoprene
  • Wind resistant mesh panelling
  • Lightweight for added comfort
  • Stiff peak to prevent water running onto face
  • Lycra neck stay
  • Perfect for cold winter days and chilly seas

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