Osprey 3mm Protective Wetsuit Gloves Adult



Osprey 3mm Protective Wetsuit Gloves

Anyone who thought picking up snowballs with bare hands was an incredibly cold and uncomfortable experience should try clambering into chilly waters for a prolonged period of time. It’s far from pleasant. Thankfully, Osprey has produced 3mm Protective Wetsuit Gloves to keep hands warm in the water and ensure minds are fully on the action.
To keep hands and fingers warm whilst surfing the wetsuit gloves are made out of durable Ultra-Flex neoprene. Not only does neoprene remain extremely flexible when wet but is also provides the surfing gloves with a defensive barrier from cold water and chilly conditions.
The neoprene wetsuit gloves have also been designed with a PU super grip on the palms and fingers, which ensures greater stability when using hands to manoeuvre. Much the same as cycling shorts and other active outdoor wear, the surfing gloves are made using ultra-strong flatlock stitching which greatly increases comfort and durability.
As well as a stylish Osprey logo on the back of the hand the surf gloves also feature the Osprey OSX insignia on the index finger. In addition, the neoprene wetsuit gloves come complete with a handy net bag to store them in.
Not only do the Osprey 3mm Protective Wetsuit Gloves make a fantastic surfing aid in cold waters and chilly climes but they also make great sailing, paddle boarding or kayaking gloves.


Osprey 3mm Protective Wetsuit Gloves


  • 3mm Ultra-Flex Neoprene
  • Printed PU palm grip
  • Flatlock stitched for improved comfort
  • Extremely warm in cold conditions
  • Perfect for kayaking, sailing and surfing
  • Comes with net bag

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