Surflogic Key Lock Premium Black


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Our Key Lock is a safe padlock resistant all-metal construction. Easy to secure anywhere, you can attach it to your car, your vehicle, your roof-rack, wheels or trailer
Secure metal construction and water resistant

Foam backing and coated shackle to protect car surface
Easy to secure anywhere
4 digit code: (10.000 combinations)
Protective cover
Includes a key fob blocking pouch
Colour: black
Recommended for Surfing, SUP, Windsurf, Kitesurfing, Skubadiving, Kayak, Canyoning, Wakeboarding and any other outdoor sports.

External lock size

Width: 79 mm / 3.11”
Length: 180 mm / 7.08”
Height: 47 mm / 1.85”
Weight: 620 g

Internal compartment size

Width: 69 mm / 2.70”
Length: 100 mm / 3.94”
Height: 30 mm / 1.18”

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