Surfworx Hellcat Mini Mal 8ft Midnight Blue- Leash included


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The Surfworx Hellcat Mini Mal soft surfboard is perfectly designed and constructed to get you up and riding on your very first surf session. All the key features are in place; nice wide and forgiving outline, soft padded deck to soften those inevitable knocks, and a set of rubber safety fins to prevent injury to the rider and other surfers and swimmers.

The Hellcat Mini Mal is constructed with a High Density Closed Cell foam Core which means the boards are nice and lightweight, and should you be unlucky enough to damage the outer durable EBS deck skin the board won’t soak up water, become waterlogged and un-surfable. The high density HDPE slick bottom is durable and helps the board paddle fast and gives a smooth ride. The High Density deck skin is very durable and will keep the Hellcat Mini Mal performing for years to come.

The Surfworx Hellcat comes with a three fin “thruster” setup which gives great control and a nice stable and predictable ride.

This brilliant mini mal is a tried and tested shape which has proven to be the perfect platform and design to kick-off your surfing adventure.

Dimensions 8ft x 22.4375″ x 3.25″
Volume 86 litres
Ability Beginner
Rider up to 105kg
Conditions Knee to head high waves
Fin System 3 X Rubber Safety Fins
Colour Midnight Blue

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