Tahe Surf 5’10 Fish Surfboard


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The versatile 5’10 Fish is renowned as the ideal first surfboard for grommets as much as it regarded as an excellent small-wave board for accomplished surfers of approximately 100-155lbs/45-70kg.

Offering the stability and buoyancy of a longboard with the manoeuvrability of a shortboard packing a lot of volume into its short length. The secret is a short, wide design, allowing it to catch waves early for a board of its size. While suitable for small children just starting out, it nonetheless packs a punch when ridden by a more experienced surfer.

Ideal for
Kids under 80lbs/35kg looking for their first board
Adults up to 160lbs/70kg looking for a performance fish style board
Worry free use with nearly ding-proof durability
Rental operations, schools and camps needing rugged construction

Product Specifications
Complete dimensions: 5’10” x 20.50″ x 35 L
Weight: 9.5 lbs / 4.3 kg
Max Riders Weight: 155 lbs / 70 kg



Additional information

Available in sizes


5ft 10"



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