330GAL Flowclear Filter Pump


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  • The Bestway® 330gal Flowclear™ Filter Pump is the ideal choice for Bestway pools; this paddling pool filter pump ensures your pool is clean and clear of debris
  • The Bestway pool filter pump handles larger swimming pools with ease; this filter pump is for use with 1,100L – 8,300L (300 – 2,200gal) pools
  • A convenient way of keeping your pool water clean; the filter pump has a system flow rate or 1,060L (280gal) per hour
  • The included 3.1” x 3.5” filter cartridge is easily replaceable; even with regular use of your swimming pool, the filter cartridge will last a minimum of 2 weeks
  • A pool filter pump that is easy to set up and use; comes with all necessary hoses and attachments

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