Aquaglide Automatic Pool Cleaning Robot


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  • The Aquaglide Automatic Pool Cleaning Robot is ideal for keeping flat bottomed pools pool water clean and clear; comes with one Aquaglide and one charging cord
  • An underwater robot vacuum swimming pool cleaner with built-in water sensors that activate the device when fully submerged in water and deactivate when water level is insufficient for motor protection
  • A long-lasting rechargeable battery that provides up to 40-minute cycle run time and can be recharged in 5-6 hours
  • Included directional jet system allows the robot to change when encountering walls or obstacles; compatible with round and rectangular pools up to 20m² (215 ft²) in total area
  • The cordless design offers full range of motion and the included drop/retrieval kit allows you to easily locate and remove the robot

Bestway® have created a new, convenient and innovative way to clean your pool at the click of a button. This high performance Aquaglide Automatic Pool Cleaning Robot can be used with above ground pools and in‑ground pools with a flat floor. It is compatible with round pools up to 4.88m (16ft) in diameter/20m² (215ft.²) in total area. It is also compatible with rectangular pools up to 6.40m (21ft) in length/20m² (215 ft.²) in total area. This time‑saving underwater robot vacuum swimming pool cleaner offers a guaranteed 40 minutes of full power cleaning time with a re‑charge time of 5‑6 hours. The directional jet system ensures efficient cleaning as the robot will change direction when encountering walls or obstacles, and the cordless design offers a full range of motion by eliminating tangled cords. The included drop and retrieval kit adds to the convenience of this product and the built‑in water sensor activates the cleaner once it is fully submerged in water and deactivates when the water level is insufficient to protect the motor. The easy‑clean filter traps up to 2.2L (0.58gal) of debris inside the base compartment.

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