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Clearwater Chlorine Granules for Hot Tub Spa and Swimming Pool Water Treatment for Rapid Disinfecting and Cleaning, 1 kg

DISINFECT POOL AND HOT TUB WATER: with these stabilised chlorine granules – free active chlorine (FAC) to maintain a healthy swimming environment
KILL BACTERIA AND ELIMINATE HARMFUL ORGANISMS: so your spa or pool water stays hygienic and healthy
FAST DISSOLVING GRANULES: get to work instantly – no more waiting around for hours for tablets to dissolve
STABILISE CHLORINE LEVELS: to help ensure your water chlorine level stays between 1-3 mg/litre (ppm) for pools and 3-5 mg/Litre (ppm) for hot tubs
EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: included with the granules help you select the correct amount to apply for the desired increase in chlorine level
BISHTA APPROVED CHEMICALS: Clearwater is BISHTA approved and recommended by brands such as Bestway and Lay-Z-Spa for reliable, safe and high-quality water treatment

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