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The ClearWater Fast Action Tablets are a simple solution to quick and precise chlorination in hot tub or pool water.

The rapidly dissolving chlorine tablets can be used in order to quickly change chlorine levels with minimum impact on pH levels.

  • 167 Fast dissolving chlorine tablets
  • Quick and effective chlorine dosing
  • Dissolves within 30 minutes
  • Minimal effect on pH levels
  • Easy handling benefits

How do I use the Clearwater® Fast Action Tabs?

‑ Test your water using the Clearwater® Dip Test Strips
‑ Ensure pH levels are balanced
‑ Add the desired amount of chlorine tablets directly into the water

How many Clearwater® Fast Action Tabs do I need?

How many chlorine tablets you need depends on how low your chlorine readings are and the volume of water. Each Fast Action Tablet raises chlorine ppm levels as follows:

Litres 1 tab raises ppm by:
600 2ppm
800 1.5ppm
1000 1.2ppm
1200 1ppm

As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings should be carefully read and followed.

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