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The round Lay Z Spa® Floor Protector is an essential part of hot tub insulation for better energy efficiency and to protect the base of your inflatable hot tub. The energy saving hot tub accessory helps reduce the amount of heat loss through the bottom of your Lay-Z Spa® and will contribute towards better hot tub running costs.

The protective and insulating hot tub floor mat creates a barrier between your Lay-Z Spa® and the floor. Made of thermoplastic polyethylene foam, it helps insulate the bottom of your hot tub which reduces heat loss and adds a layer of protection from any gritty or debris on the floor.

The round inflatable hot tub floor mat comes in 10 pieces. 9 Jigsaw segments slot together to form a circular section that measures 211cm (83”) in diameter for the hot tub and 1 segment, measuring 40cm x 50cm, supports and protects the pump unit.

The insulated hot tub floor mat fits all Lay Z Spa® models, and other inflatable hot tubs, up to 211cm (83”) in diameter. This excludes the Maldives HydroJet Pro™, Palma HydroJet Pro™ and Mauritius AirJet™.

  • Protective and insulating hot tub floor mat for the base of your Lay-Z-Spa®
  • Reduces heat-loss through the floor and saves on hot tub energy costs
  • An essential part of hot tub insulation for better energy efficiency
  • Fits Lay-Z-Spa® and other inflatable hot tubs up to 211cm in diameter
  • Creates a protective barrier between your inflatable hot tub and the floor

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