Bestway 100″ Hydro-Force Treck X 2 Inflatable Raft Set


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Fun for all with this great raft!

  • Hydro-Force™ Treck 100” Inflatable Raft Set comes as a complete set and includes one inflatable boat, one pair of oars, one foot pump and one repair patch for any mishaps
  • made of high quality, durable PVC material and features an inflatable floor for extra comfort
  • An easy to inflate and deflate blow up boat due to quick inflation and deflation screw valves, meaning you can spend less time setting up the boat and more time on the water
  • Grab rope with built-in grommets makes it easy to re-entre the inflatable dinghy from the water, the carry handles and tow ring allow for easy transportation to and from the water
  • Inflated size L 100” (2.5m) x W 50” (1.3m) x H 14” (36cm); weight capacity 225kg (495lbs

About 100″ Hydro‑Force Treck X2 Inflatable Raft Set

When you want to get serious about spending the day outdoors, Bestway® has just what you need to get out and explore. The Hydro‑Force™ 100″ Raft was designed with outdoor adventure in mind. The Hydro‑Force™ boat measures 100” x 40”/2.5m x 1.3m and seats up to 2 adults and 1 child (225kg/495lbs). The raft features quick inflation/deflation screw valves providing an easy way to inflate your blow‑up boat once you are ready to set sail. Constructed of sturdy pre‑tested vinyl, the inflatable boat has superior durability and a multitude of other features to make your day on the water a true escape from everyday life. Made with 3 air chambers for a durable and strong construction, this is a boat that will last the test of time this summer. An all‑around grab rope with built‑in grommets makes tying up your Raft to the dock a breeze. Once you are in the Hydro‑Force™ Raft and ready to explore the water, the inflatable floor provides extra comfort on your adventure. The heavy‑duty handle and the tow ring make transporting the raft simple and easy. The inflatable dinghy is equipped with sturdy oarlocks and oar clasps for your oars. When you are docked, done for the day and ready to go home, quickly deflate your boat with the screw valves and your raft is ready for storage. Whether you are on vacation or simply want to enjoy a day on the water, this is a great raft for making long lasting memories.










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