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The Coral Topaze 10’6 is the very definition of a versatile inflatable paddle board. Imagined, studied and created for beginners and intermediates, this board is none other than the family board of the Abstract range.
Very intuitive, this inflatable paddle will make the days of young and old alike more beautiful, but also help them progress while having fun!

As easy to handle as it is stable, the Coral 10’6 offers undeniable glide thanks to its two fixed fins, its removable fin and its specific shape.
Its versatility is clearly the advantage of this board, which in addition to being versatile, intuitive and scalable is a 2-in-1 board that can be transformed into a Kayak! Its manoeuvrability, its stability and its quality of glide will be as much appreciated in inflatable Paddle mode as in kayak mode!

Each board has been designed to be as compact as possible, thanks to our backpack type carrying bags, our inflatable paddles are easily stored but above all easily transported. Sold in premium pack to offer you the best.

The Coral Topaze 10’6 x 32″ x 6″ is an inflatable paddle board dedicated to kids and adults alike, a family board par excellence!
Its large volume and width make the Coral Topaze an ultra stable board, its length of 10’6 (320 cm), its fins and its shape allow an incredible glide and maneuverability.

Very versatile, this paddle is perfect for beginners but also for intermediates looking for more sensations. Very intuitive, it will allow you to progress while having fun!


Length 10’6 (320cm)
Width 32″ ( 81 cm )
Thickness 6″ (15cm)
Volume 313L
Weight 6.2Kg
Maximum charge 130kg
Technology Light Dropstitch

Light Dropsitch Technology

1. High Density Drop Stitch Heart

2. Solid Layer Of Tarpaulin

3. First Layer Of Pvc On The Rail

4. Second Layer Of Pvc On The Rail

The Coral Topaze benefits from Light Dropstitch technology


The elastic storage band is a real asset that allows you to keep your accessories safe without taking up too much space.


Our inflatable paddles are equipped with a non-slip EVA foam PAD for better comfort and balance.


A padded carrying handle for optimal carrying comfort.

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