Lozen 11’6 X 31″X 5″ Fusion Redline


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Get ready for a boost in your paddleboarding adventures with the Lozen 11’6 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board! This board is designed to give you the perfect balance, especially if you’re unsure about your preferred style. If you’re aiming to up your game without diving into competitions, this SUP is your go-to!

More dynamic and technical than the traditional models, this board leans towards a sleek race shape while maintaining user-friendliness for the whole family. Thanks to its Fusion Construction, it strikes a sweet spot, being both stable and lightweight. Ideal for long distances, it’ll impress you with its performance without demanding too much effort to handle.

Ready for the most challenging situations, this board comes as a complete pack, including a bag, pump, 3-part paddle, fin, drift leash phone, and a repair kit. Get ready to ride with power and style!


LENGTH 11’6’’ (354 cm)
Width 31’’ (79 cm)
THICKNESS 5’’ (12,5 cm)
WEIGHT 8,5 Kg (18.7 lbs)
MAX LOAD 130 kg (286.6 lbs)
Fins 2+1 removable
PACK Bag + High Pressure Pump + 3 parts Paddle + Fin + Repair Kit

Best Construction Stand Up Paddle Board Fusion Dropstitch LozenLight Dropstitch Inflatable Paddle Board : 1. Premium Dropstitch core. 2. First PVC layer 3. Solid colored PVC layer 4. First PVC safety layer on the rail 5. Second layer of reinforcement PVC on the rail 6. Croco-Soft anti-slip pad

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