Apex Bodyboard AX03 40″ – various colours



The Apex AX03 is a good intermediate bodyboard with a versatile shape which caters to all riders. It has increased speed due to the design and will bring plenty of fun in the water!

By rule of thumb the bodyboard should sit in around the navel when standing, making the 40″ a great bodyboard for teenagers or older kids.

Name: The Apex AX03 bodyboard
Leash: Yes (plug fitted)
Core: PE Core
Deck: IXL Cross Link Deck Skin
Slick: HDPE with channels
Rails: 50/50
Tail: Shape Crescent
Channels: Yes
Stringer: No


Size Guide / How to Choose the Right Bodyboard Size?

The body board, also called a boogie board must be suited to the size and weight of its user. By rule of thumb, the bodyboard should sit in and around the user’s belly button when standing.

A bodyboard that is too small will not be buoyant enough, and you will miss the waves.

A board that is too big will be hard to handle.

Tips for Catching more waves.

Using bodyboard fins will help you catch better waves. They help you go in deeper water where you won’t be able to push off with your feet, and they help you move faster and propel quicker for a better ride!

Most boards have little bumps on the top to create friction, but it can be a good idea to wax your bodyboard too to help with grip. You will want to wax the top and sides where your hands will grip and the middle where your body will lie on.

Storage Tips

Do Not Leave Out in Direct Heat. Rinse and dry after each use.



Additional information

Available in sizes


Black, Blue, Red

SKU: BBAX03-BK-40/BBAX03-BL-40

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