Phix Doctor Repair Kit Zero G Universal Foam Filler


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Zero G UV Foam Filler 2.25 FL OZ (67 ML).

The only Foam Filler that’s safe for all Epoxy and Poly Boards.

Self sealing, endless sheld life, Zero G is heat resistant so it stores in a Hot Car or Anywhere!

Clean Up is a Snap, Just Use Soap and Water to Remove This Non Toxic Formula! Zero G UV Foam Filler is the First Product That is Safe For Use on Both Epoxy and Poly Boards!

Zero G Foam Filler Goes On in 1/4in (6 ml) Layers and requires a Plastic Cover to Create a Non Sticky, Waterproof Finish. Take Airline Approved ZERO G Anywhere and be Ready For Your Next Session! Phix Doctor – Better Resins / Better Repairs



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