Phix Doctor Sun Powered Epoxy Kit Standard 2.5oz


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PhixDoctor is here to push fiberglass Repair Systems closer to the environmentally conscious sport they are an essential part of.

This kit is perfect for any surfer who wants longevity from their board!

PhixDoctor’s SunPowered Epoxy Repair Kit comes with a non-yellowing resin that gels within 15 seconds in full sun on its way to a crystal clear full cure in less than 2 minutes. They have everything here you’ll need to maintain your board in top running condition. The packaging is 26 times less carbon intensive than the competition and the resin shelf life is guaranteed for one full year! You get more resin, higher quality ingredients packaged in earth friendlier containers!


Kit contains:

2.5oz SunPowered Resin®
Q-Cell, 4 oz Fiberglass, 5 Bamboo Mix Sticks, Fin Rope, Sandpaper 3 sheets, Mixing Cups, Smoothy Sheets

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