EQ Seals – Earplugs

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EQ Seals -Possibly the best ear plugs in the world.

Earplugs create a waterproof seal without blocking your hearing.

Achieved by putting a waterproof, breathable membrane inside the soft silicone ear plug
Sympatex Membrane – 300% elasticity / extreme physical resistance / optimal density, micropore-free / highly durable Medical silicone – hypoallergenic,chlorine-proof, salt water-proof,can withstand temps of -10°C to 60°:C

Originally developed under the brand name Sorky, these earplugs are perfect for anyone wanting a waterproof seal which doesn’t completely block your hearing.

They achieve this by putting a waterproof,breathable membrane inside the soft silicone ear plug which you insert into the ear.

Hear about the research and development of these great ear plugs through this short video

With Sympatex membrane

100% waterproofseals
100% windproof
Optimal breathability
300% elasticity
Extreme physical resistance
Optimal density, micropore-free
Tested durability
Functional barrier

The Seals Balance Pro is made of two elements: a body and a Sympatex membrane.

The body is made of medical silicone, a hypoallergenic, chlorine-proof, salt water-proof, water-repellent material that can withstand temperatures from -10?C to 60?C. The cup is designed to be placed just behind the first curb of the auditory canal, purposely limiting pressure around the wall of the ear duct (meatus), offering a secure fit, comfort and waterproof qualities. The extension rib helps when inserting and removing the earplug.

The breathable and waterproof Sympatex membrane maintains the hearing and balance capacities of the user, whilst protecting the ear from the external elements.

The Seals Balance Pro comes with an ergonomic applicator for an easy and safe placement of the protection in the ear, as well as with a handy carry tube on a key ring.