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The Cortez Prism Paradox surfboard would make a great all-rounder for average to good surf conditions in the waist to just over head-high range, and if you’re ready to dip your toe into surfing this is a great place to start.

Cortez Prism is a new high-end, comprehensive range of boards constructed from the very latest EPS/Epoxy/Carbon and finished to an immaculate standard.

  • Ability: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Volume: 45.63 litres
  • Suitable for Rider Up to 80kg
  • Construction: Three Phase Epoxy
  • Dimensions: 6ft 10 x 21.5625 x 2.6875
  • Fin System: FCS 4 + 1 fin
  • Fins included: FCS 4 + 1 Fin Set
  • Colour: Grey

Cortez Prism surfboards are built around a high quality stringerless EPS Foam Core with 2 x 6oz layers of fibreglass on the deck and bottom and laminated with epoxy resin. Carbon strips which replace the traditional wooden stringer are laminated to the top and bottom creating a fast responding flex pattern which will last for the boards lifetime. What you’re getting is a lightweight and durable surfboard with an extremely lively feel. EPS/Epoxy surfboards are a little more resilient when it comes to deck compression and generally last longer than a regular PU surfboard, but the biggest benefit is the way they feel in the water and how they maintain that ‘new board feel’ for life!

The Cortez Prism Paradox is a great version of the magic carpet style of board, easy paddling, easy surfing and fun. This board is loaded with flow and glide and will make the absolute most of everyday conditions whether its small weak wind effected surf or a bit cleaner and more lined up. The template of the board gives a big sweet spot so its forgiving if you’re a lower level surfer but the rails are pulled down enough, and the rocker is aggressive enough to allow the board to turn well too.

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