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Wetsuits for Swimming

There are many options for cold water swimming and the wetsuit you choose really depends on your level of ability and how far you plan to swim!

For a beginner, The O’Neill Reactor II 5/3mm is a great option. It has 5mm in the torso of the suit giving you maximum core warmth, and 3mm in the limbs allowing for freedom of movement for your swim.

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For someone who likes their sea swimming and is not a newbie to the year-round swim, the Zone3 entry level wetsuits are a great option. These wetsuits have smooth skin which helps you glide through the water, and have different panels of neoprene thickness throughout, strategically placed to give buoyancy in certain areas to help your swim.

If you are a competitive swimmer or like to partake in the various triathlons around the country, the Zone3 triathlon wetsuit range is definitely for you! These wetsuits are designed with speed and agility in mind. As you go further up the scale in model they weigh less and have more intricate neoprene panel design. A Zone3 will be your go to kit for your races!

You will need to protect your hands, feet and head during your cooler dips too. 3mm in your gloves should be fine and a good sock such as the Zone3 Heat Tech or 4mm Alder Burn socks will keep your feet warm. When swimming in winter, the brain freeze is real (if you know, you know) There are a variety of swimming caps, but the warmest one you can get with a good chin strap will do the job!

For the swimmer who will carry through to autumn but stops for winter, a spring/summer wetsuit 3/2mm either full wetsuit or shorty (depending on your cold tolerance) will be just fine.

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