southeast wetsuits

Shopping wetsuits for swimming in cold water cannot be taken lightly. Cold water swimming involves wearing a high quality neoprene wetsuit in addition to a neoprene swim cap.

So how can one use wetsuits for swimming in cold water? Well, let’s look at the idea: wetsuits capture a small layer of water in between you and the neoprene. The whole body quickly warms up this water which retains your heat when you dip into freezing water.

What about the fitting? A appropriate wetsuit for swimming in cold water needs to be tight like a new skin and must by no means have loosely fitting or baggy areas, as this will cancel out the warm layer of water around your body by constantly letting in cold water.

The main spots for bad fit are the neck and hip area. Some professional triathletes & surfers purchase a tailor-made custom wetsuit, seeking the perfect fit. But, unless you are a professional, this is not essential- there are many premium quality wetsuits for sale, such as our Osprey wetsuits (click here to see our selection available to purchase online).

Make sure you research the benefits and drawbacks of different wetsuits and just what water temperatures the wetsuit is capable of handling. Shopping for wetsuits for swimming in cold water is a significant time investment as well as financial, therefore do your homework.