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Sometimes too many options cause confusion, so we are here to help you find the paddle board that suits your needs best!

All paddle boards we sell are great of quality and are durable and will last you a long time providing you look after it.

When buying a SUP what you want to ask yourself is, how many adults or children will be using it at one time- if there will be two adults or three children choose a longer board, the longer the board the more space to hold people.

The next question is your ability and experience in using the paddle board. Are you a beginner? Will you have smaller kids on the board? If so, then go for an SUP that has a wide base, this will provide more stability and be less likely to topple over!

If you are more experienced, then choosing a board with a more pointed nose and tail will give you the mobility to turn better and even ride waves!!

That’s it, super simple just to cover your basic needs… Now to choose which colour?????

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