Caring for your Bodyboard

Avoid heat and sun exposure! I know your thinking... Of course I’m going to use my board in the sun! BUT- let me tell you, good quality bodyboards are built with heat not glue. Therefore, leaving your board in direct sunlight, a hot car, lying on the beach will cause it to bubble or even warp. Heat bubbles are NOT covered under warranty! So keep your board cool- store it in a cool dry place, leave it in the shade under an umbrella on the beach, keep it away from direct sunlight- except when catching those waves Hose your board down with fresh water after each use, do not leave it to dry in salty water and don’t use it in a Chlorinated pool Do not use your board as a skim board- running and jumping on it will weaken the core as will trying to use the board on sand- These are not sandboards!! Ensure you store either flat or upright against a wall as flat as possible to avoid any warping- you don’t want to cause a reverse rocker and start nose diving every time you catch a wave! Other than that, enjoy, don’t be too rough