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Wetsuit Sizing Guide

When fitting yourself or a child for a wetsuit please use the following guide as assistance for sizing; Measure your chest, height, and waist in CM Measure the circumference of chest, not just armpit to armpit. Measure across the nipple or widest part of chest and back. The chest measurement is most important to ensure the wet suit fits well Sometimes you may have to sacrifice height to get a good chest fit; this means the suit may be a little short on ankles and wrists or a little long. You can turn up the ankles if needed! Don’t focus too much on the waist, unless your waist is significantly bigger or significantly smaller than your chest. Fit your wetsuit based on your chest measurements, followed by height. Top tip- if your chest measurements is at the higher end of the size indicator it is ok to size up! Different brands cater for different body types, so if unsure look through them and see which one will fit best On Receipt of your suit, ensure you watch the videos on how to put a wetsuit on for best fit. You should be able to put your arms above your

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Wetsuit Care Guide

BASIC CARE TIPS FOR YOUR WETSUIT Some fading and scratching is inevitable, and unfortunately tears from a close call with a surfboard fin or rocks can occasionally happen. But if you follow these basic wetsuit care guidelines, you will find your wetsuit weathers the test of time and use with a lot more success. Be careful when putting it on - Most damage occurs when putting wetsuits on or taking them off, so be gentle! Avoid pulling your suit from the ends of sleeves or legs and mind your nails, especially when digging into the neoprene as you hoik your wetsuit on. Always rinse - Rinse your wetsuit after each use with clean water, and not too hot - salt and especially chlorine can degrade the rubber, so it’s vital to wash it off after every use. Avoid hot sun - Never dry or store your wetsuit in direct sunlight - your wetsuit suffers from sun stroke too, and strong UV rays are the quickest way to degrade your wetsuit. Dry in the shade and ideally store away from light. Dry your suit before storing - And dry it with care. It is best to dry your wetsuit by

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