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Wetsuit Sizing

When fitting yourself or a child for a wetsuit please use the following guide as assistance for sizing;

You want to measure your chest, height, and waist in CM and weight in KG.

Measure the circumference of chest, not just armpit to armpit. Measure across the nipple line or widest part of chest and back.

The chest measurement is most important, because the main aim is to keep your core warm- so even if the wrist & ankles are a little short or need a roll up at the bottom, it’s ok! You will get the most out of your wetsuit once your torso is kept warm

Fit your wetsuit based on your chest measurements, followed by height. Some brands such as O’Neill offer short or tall versions of each size

Chest zip wetsuits, while they are more flexible in the shoulders, they tend to be slightly tighter fitting against their back zip counter parts. So if you are at the top end of the chest measurement, you might need to size up.

Different brands cater for different body types,  so compare size charts to find your best fit.

O’Neill are a great all rounder fit due to the level of stretch in their suits, if you are slim these are a good choice, these wetsuits are longer than other brands

Rip Curl has quite an athletic fit, and run shorter than other brands

Alder is a great suit for everyone- standard length / average height for size, and fit most people really well

Sola are best for really slim people, they have a good length and are a narrow fit!

On receipt of your suit, ensure you watch the videos on how to put a wetsuit on. There is a knack to it, and the most common mistake is not taking the time to pull each section up far enough- this will make the wetsuit feel like it doesn’t fit- It is vital to put it on properly to know if the size is right!

You should be able to put your arms above your head, bend over easily and there should not be any gap between the wetsuit and your lower back.

It should fit like a second skin and not feel uncomfortably tight. When your wetsuit gets wet, you will get approx 30% more stretch in it.

** Size charts are only a guide; it is not guaranteed that the suit will fit you as we are all different! But it is a good tool in choosing the right suit