southeast wetsuits

When fitting yourself or a child for a wetsuit please use the following guide as assistance for sizing;

Measure your chest, height, and waist in CM

Measure the circumference of chest, not just armpit to armpit. Measure across the nipple or widest part of chest and back.

The chest measurement is most important to ensure the wet suit fits well

Sometimes you may have to sacrifice height to get a good chest fit; this means the suit may be a little short on ankles and wrists or a little long. You can turn up the ankles if needed!

Don’t focus too much on the waist, unless your waist is significantly bigger or significantly smaller than your chest.

Fit your wetsuit based on your chest measurements, followed by height.

Top tip- if your chest measurements is at the higher end of the size indicator it is ok to size up!

Different brands cater for different body types, so if unsure look through them and see which one will fit best

On Receipt of your suit, ensure you watch the videos on how to put a wetsuit on for best fit.
You should be able to put your arms above your head and unable to grab the lower back of the wetsuit.

It should fit like a second skin but not feel uncomfortably tight

** Size charts are only a guide; it is not guaranteed that the suit will fit you as we are all different! But it is a good tool in choosing the right suit