K-AIR Twiki II Inflatable Kayak


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Specially designed to tackle Class I-IV river descents, the TWIKI II Inflatable kayak is the next generation of K-AIR.

Its durable 1100 DTEX PVC structure and high-pressure drop stitch underside provide optimal rigidity when tackling the most violent rapids.

Designed for use by pros and hobbyists, the TWIKI remains a comfortable kayak thanks to the inflatable thwarts and pads for thighs and feet.


Reference Ka 2283
Length 390 Cm
Width 88 Cm
Inside Width 37 Cm
Max. Load 220 Kg
Weight 17 Kg
Diameter Tubes 25,5 Cm
Rockeur 37 Cm (From The Ground To The Lower Part Of The Kayak)
42 Cm (From The Ground To The Top Of The Kayak)
Self Bailing Self-Bailing Holes
Valves 5
Materials Pvc 1100 Dtex Fabric
Dropstitch Background
Handles 2
Classes River I To Iv
Pack Delivered With 2 Removable Thwarts Of 22 Cm Diameter
1 Repair Kit
2 Pair Of Thigh Braces

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