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We offer great value wetsuits for men, women and kids perfect for a holiday or a day at the beach.

SUP Buyers Guide

4 August 2022|Boards, Other Guides|

Sometimes too many options cause confusion, so we are here to help you find the paddle board that suits your needs best! All paddle boards we sell are great of quality and are durable and will last you a long time providing you look after it. When buying a SUP what you want to ask yourself is, how many adults or children will be using it at one time- if there will be two adults or three children choose a longer board, the longer the board the more space to hold people. The next question is your ability and

Guide to Surfboards

20 August 2021|Boards|

Board & Size Construction Rider size, weight & level SurfworxPro-Line BK 5’10” Closed cell foam core/3 x wood stringers/HD PE Slick/HD EBS deck Beginner Child & Adult up to 70kg Surfworx Banshee / Ribeye 6’ 7’ 7’6” Closed cell foam core/ wood stringer/HDPE Slick/HD EBS deck Beginner Kid/Small adult up to 65kg Teens or Adults up to 80kg Teens or Adults up to 85kg Tahe 5'10" Fish Shortboard DURA-TEC Kids under 35kg looking for their first board Adults under 70kg looking for a performance fish style board TAHE 6' 7" Oxbow DURA-TEC Kids under 45kg looking for their first

Caring for your Bodyboard

16 August 2021|Boards|

Avoid heat and sun exposure! I know your thinking... Of course I’m going to use my board in the sun! BUT- let me tell you, good quality bodyboards are built with heat not glue. Therefore, leaving your board in direct sunlight, a hot car, lying on the beach will cause it to bubble or even warp. Heat bubbles are NOT covered under warranty! So keep your board cool- store it in a cool dry place, leave it in the shade under an umbrella on the beach, keep it away from direct sunlight- except when catching those waves Hose your

Wetsuit Sizing Guide

12 August 2021|Wetsuit Size Guide|

When fitting yourself or a child for a wetsuit please use the following guide as assistance for sizing; Measure your chest, height, and waist in CM Measure the circumference of chest, not just armpit to armpit. Measure across the nipple or widest part of chest and back. The chest measurement is most important to ensure the wet suit fits well Sometimes you may have to sacrifice height to get a good chest fit; this means the suit may be a little short on ankles and wrists or a little long. You can turn up the ankles if needed! Don’t


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