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The Aquadesign Koloa 360 inflatable kayak is the most versatile on the market. It is a beach, sea, lake or river kayak up to class III. Ideal for two people, this inflatable kayak has a 10 cm Dropstitch bottom and can be inflated up to a pressure of 10 PSI, which offers an ultra-rigid bottom.

Its main advantages are:

  • Ultra-compact, all accessories fit in the bag, making it easy to store and stow.
  • Maximum stability, thanks to its large volume and dropstitch bottom (10 PSI).
  • Versatile, it adapts to all navigation environments, whether in sea kayaks or river kayaks.



Reference Ka2247_360
Color Blue
Nombre De Personnes 2
River Classes I To Iii
Length 360 Cm / 11’8″
Width 100 Cm / 39.4″
Inside Width 46 Cm / 18″
Weight 15 Kg / 33 Lbs
Max. Load 215 Kg / 474 Lbs
Tubes Diameter 27 Cm / 10.7″
Number Of Air Chambers 1 + 2
Self Bailing Self-Bailing Holes With Caps
Materials Pvc Tubes 110 Dtex Reinforced – 3.5 Psi
10 Cm Dropstitch Inflatable Floor – 10 Psi
Pack 2 Kayak Fusion Seats, Carry Bag 100x48x31 Cm), High Pressure Hand Pump, 2 Removable Fins L Repair Kit

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