Aquadesign Seawaver II Inflatable Canoe Kayak

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The Seawaver II  canoe Inflatable kayak is made of 1100 DTEX PVC fabric with a finned bottom, very stable and easily maneuverable by itself or with two people, it will take you from your boat to the beach or will make you discover small creeks, and beautiful lakes and rivers class I, II or III.

Delivered with 2 adjustable polyester comfort seats, 2 adjustable foam footrests, repair kit, double action hand inflator and storage bag, it is essential to discover the most secret places.

Additional Information on Our Inflatable Kayak

Length: 360 Cm
Width: 90 Cm
Inside Width: 36 Cm
Weight: 18 Kg
Number Of People: 2
Max. Load: N/D
Tube Diameter: 27 Cm
Bow Kick: N/D
Stern Kick: N/D
Air Chamber: 2+1
Inflation Valves: 3 Halkey Roberts
Overpressure Valve –
Self Bailing: Self-Bailing Holes
Materials: Pvc Fabric 1100 Dtex
Floor: Inflatable Floor
Handles: 2
River Classes From I to III

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