Alder Coral Soul Kids Beach Shoes- Red



The Alder Coral Soul beach shoes are brilliant, lightweight neoprene shoes ideal for a wide range of surface watersports and beach use. Whether you’re surfing, kayaking or sailing etc or just spending the day at the beach, the Coral Soul beach shoes will give great protection against hot sand, sea urchins, glass, sharp stones and coral. These handy and versatile shoes are the answer to a multitude of beach and watersport activities.


  • Velcro fastening to ensure a snug fit
  • Mesh vented side panels for easy drainage / air flow
  • Quick drying
  • Protection against hot sand, sea urchins, glass and sharp stones/coral
  • Ideal for beach walking and every sort of water sport


Additional information

Available in sizes


J05/22, J06/23, J07/24, J08/25, J09/27, J10/28, J11/29, J12/30.5, J13/31.5


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