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Bestway Filter Cartridge is a Type (IV-B) replacement cartridge for a Bestway 2500 gal/h filter pump system. When conditions are ripe for a swim or paddle you’ll probably be using your above ground pool on a more frequent basis. During periods of prolonged use you may notice pool water turning a little murky. This is probably because your filter pump isn’t working as effectively and the most common reason is a blocked filter cartridge. Cleaning and rinsing the cartridge will only sustain it for so long before it stops working completely. To keep pool water clean and clear it’s vital to replace your filter cartridge at least every two weeks. If you’re unsure whether the Bestway Filter Cartridge (Type IV) is compatible with your swimming pool filter pump you should always refer to your filter pump manual.

Suitable for Bestway’s Flowclear filter system 9463 L/h
Length: 25,4 cm / 10 inches
Diameter: 14,2 cm / 5,6 inches
Compatibility: 9463 L/h ( 2500 gal.) filter systems
Original Bestway quality for a long durability

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